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    Master's Souvenir Regalia
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    Master's Souvenir Regalia   Master's Souvenir Regalia   

Price: $129.00
Code: regalia-masters-prc1
Quantity in Cart: none

  • Package includes a master's gown, custom hood, and souvenir mortarboard (cap) with tassel - everything you need.
  • Tassel color will match the velvet color of the hood.
  • As each package is custom tailored to your specifications, regalia are not returnable.
  • If you have any questions, please call us at 469.688.9127 or email support@everythinggraduation.com
  • The souvenir masters regalia package is designed for limited wear. If you are entering academia and will use your regalia for years to come, we highly recommend the Deluxe Masters Package with premium, fully lined fabric.
Plus Size Regalia (+$10)
Institution That Conferred Your Highest Degree
To Determine Hood Colors
Please Include the City and State
Graduating with Honor's? GET YOUR HONOR CORD HERE  
Single Strand Honor Cord ($6.95)
Double Strand Honor Cord ($9.95)
Honors Color
Please Choose Color for the Honor Cord
Extra Tassels ($10.95 each)
Give as a Souvenir

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